Client Feedback


Yves Charbonneau,

Sales Vice President


"Effisens Conseil Inc provided training to all my sales directors on how to coach a sales team, a training workshop I personally participated in. This training was really enriching for my team in terms of skill development, as well as for team building!”

The training sessions are well structured and “role play” is integrated into each learning stage.

Participants enjoyed repeated individual reinforcement to ensure the application of the right coaching principles, the proper use of each tool, and of course, their 100% satisfaction.

Effisens Conseil Inc has an excellent understanding of our strategic challenges and a solid network of contacts that I got to benefit from, just like a friend would do for you.

Do not hesitate to benefit from what Effisens can bring to you and your team."

Aldo Group

Véronique Croteau,

Director | Contact Center


"With great professionalism and enthusiasm Effisens Conseil Inc brought to the Aldo Group an approach to Sales that allowed us and our teams to refocus and bring   sales to life in our Customer Contact Center.  With the tools provided it has allowed our Sales and Customer Service Agents to better understand our customers and approach them with personalized service."

Cogeco Metromédia

Jean-François Rioux,

Sales Vice President


"I worked with Effisens Conseil Inc for the coaching of our sales and marketing team and I only have great feedback about their session. Really professional, excellent listeners and dedicated to ensuring the proper targeting of our training needs from the very beginning. Effisens Conseil Inc has clearly demonstrated its added value in the transfer of knowledge. I recommend Effisens Conseil Inc without any hesitation for their consulting, their custom-made training, as well as their business coaching."

Danone Canada

Carl Dubois,

Sales Vice President


"I appreciated Effisens Conseil Inc for two key reasons: the solidity and originality of their model, as well as their personalized approach.

Early in the process, we identified “my drivers and my limiting factors”. Having done many psychometric tests in my career, this was a unique approach for me, providing introspection from a new angle.


After identifying the rules that “govern” my actions together, we were able to open a productive and pinpointed dialogue about the different elements that allow me to perform well as a manager. It also helped me to better understand the trigger elements that cause me to underperform.


What I retained from the coaching is a better understanding of how my management style will sometimes influence the people around me at work in a positive way, and at other times in a negative way.  It was so useful because in the end, we all want to be at our best and performing in a harmonious way with our team."

Pharmascience Inc

Mélanie Lebel,

Director Talent and Organizational Effectiveness


"During the course of my 3+ years at Pharmascience, Effisens Conseil Inc created & delivered leadership, accountability & change management programs for us, as well as providing individualized coaching to many of our leaders. They were particularly good at understanding our business needs and tailoring no-nonsense, practical solutions. What's more...their trainers were highly credible among our business leads and HR professionals alike. "

Air Miles (Loyalty one)

François Jolicoeur,

Vice President & GM, Eastern Canada


"What I liked from the working experience with Effisens (many things):

o Competence, relevancy and communication skills.

o A personalized approach.  Really caring and wanting to understand the organizational challenges to properly adapt the training content. Always going around the table allowing the needs and expectations of each participant to be identified.

o Possibility to have the training in both languages (French and English) – an advantage.

o Performance measurement and thorough follow-up. The ratings by the attendees were the highest ever registered at Loyalty One Montreal.

o The ability to apply the knowledge obtained from our training on a daily basis, thanks to all the emphasis put on practice during the training sessions. I consider that the overall effectiveness of my team increased following the training done by Effisens Conseils Inc




o Focusing the training on the managers/senior collaborators is one of the key elements for the sustainability of new knowledge. Certain teachings are still used today and quoted in our offices three years later. For example:

o Determining the sales objective before a meeting and the famous COSYMOPI!

o It’s essential to adapt the training towards the issues or challenges and culture of the company.

o Practice makes perfect


How does Effisens differentiate itself from my perspective:


o A real willingness to understand the different needs and challenges of the organization.

o A real desire to apply the ROI of the training to the organization.

o A training approach which is sustainable over time, not a “one shot deal” forgotten after 6 months.

o The trainers have solid field experience"


Fanny Quenneville,

VP Operations


"A concrete approach that perfectly corresponded to our reality without being strictly theoretical nor abstract.

The training remains realistic and human-focused in context, while having an adapted approach for a diversified group and their different work experiences.

The trainer brought us a rich and inspiring personal and professional experience, which provided pertinent and constructive dialogue.

An easy and accessible training model that gave me a more profound understanding of complex human relations in a working environment."

Lavo Inc

Michael Sheehan,

National Sales Director


"We had the opportunity to work on two programs with Effisens Conseil Inc: Directing Major Accounts and Personalized Coaching for two directors (iLead). The experience was enriching and profitable in both cases. The instructors at Effisens Conseil Inc are excellent communicators.


Our selection of Effisens Conseil Inc was made in large part for their experience in the business. The group training, although brief, was enriching for all the participants due to the excellent communication of the concepts of sales/negotiation, objectives/expectations, and solutions/closing."

Pendopharm, Division de Pharmascience Inc.

Jean-François Lemieux,

VP and temporary GM


"Having worked on a variety of projects in collaboration with Effisens Conseil Inc, I can say with confidence that their constant variable is a personalized service based on one’s needs from the very beginning of a project. The quality of content and its everyday usefulness, along with a high quality follow-up program are what come to mind when I think of Effisens Conseil Inc."

Valacta S.E.C.

Renée-Claude Frigon,

HR Director at Valacta, MBA, CRHA


"I had the chance to work with Effisens Conseil Inc on a very strategic project for us, and they surpassed our expectations. Thanks to a lot of listening and flexibility, they put together a training program that provided exactly what we needed, which greatly contributed to the success of our project. It’s a real pleasure to work with Effisens Conseil Inc!"

Sanofi - Merial Canada Inc.

Normand Lamothe, agr.,

National Sales Director


"Having had the opportunity to work with Effisens Conseil Inc and specifically with Manuel Huger over the last 6 years, I greatly appreciate the professional and dynamic approach of the company.

 Effisens Conseil Inc adapts to its client's culture and quickly recognizes its training needs, in terms of individuals and groups.

Manuel Huger is highly qualified as a coach and demonstrates a high level of empathy towards his audience.

Effisens Conseil Inc stands out for its flexibility in offering a turnkey program that has met my expectations with the entire sales team. Even before sharing his expertise with my team, I had access to Manuel Huger's professional services as a career coach, which contributed from the outset to developing a strong business relationship based on trust. "

Bioforce Canada


Quebec Sales Director


"For us, to work with Effisens Conseil Inc is to experience coaching about sales methods and techniques in an enjoyable and participative manner. They are fun and captivating professionals, always listening to our needs with a great sense of adaptation."

Bioforce Canada

Manon Bibeau,

Marketing Director


"We have had three training courses with Effisens Conseil Inc. One of the great qualities is that the training is structured according to our needs and objectives, thanks to several preliminary discussions. They are well-organized, and apply an adequate balance between theory/concepts with relevant practice thanks to pictograms and concrete examples.

A dynamic coaching organization with a wealth of experience in sales management, they promote exchange and teamwork through multiple workshops.

They propose simple approaches to communicating with our customers to encourage increased sales. Even the most experienced representatives have learned and are now using the tools presented."

Bioforce Canada

Mackie I. Vadacchino,



"One of the tricky things with sales training is making it interesting and acceptable to all sales reps including seasoned sales people that think they know it all.

Effisens was able to bring us practical, useful sales training and make it applicable and acceptable to all our sales force no matter how senior they are.

This was able to occur because they really listen to the company’s needs and they take the time to work with management to understand the nuances that are different in every company."

Kerry North America

André Amyot,

VP Operations


"The tailor-made training and coaching activities offered by the Effisens Conseil Inc group allowed my organization to achieve their most ambitious objectives.

The activities are designed to develop managers in a stimulating environment. The balance of adequate time between the theoretical elements and the use of new tools encourages the acquisition of new skills.

An essential experience in the development and solidification of our management teams in Quebec as well as in North America."

Kerry North America

Alexandre Fausse, CRHA,

HR Director Taste North America & All divisions Canada


"At Kerry, we have been working with Effisens Conseil Inc for a few years now and we are very pleased with their solutions to develop the leadership skills of our managers.

In addition to supporting Kerry in several "offsite meetings" with our management teams from Canada and one of the US divisions, Effisens Conseil Inc has earned the mandate to create and deliver leadership training for our two branches in Quebec. The level of satisfaction of participants in the training program has, to date, always been above 90%. I recommend Effisens Conseil Inc without hesitation for the development of management teams and sales teams.

Thanks to the team and especially to Manuel Huger for the quality of his work, which has made him a privileged partner of Kerry."

Valacta S.E.C.

Louis Fréchette,

Sales & Marketing Director


"Over the past five years, the Effisens Conseil Inc team has been an important strategic ally in strengthening our customer relationships."

Groupe Maskatel

Steve Brennan,

Sales Director


"My team was pleased to attend an Effisens Conseil Inc workshop in 2016.

Maskatel's business sales team was growing and looking for a unique identity. Thanks to its meticulous preparation and excellent ability to understand the nuances of individuals, Effisens Conseil Inc has delivered training that is tailored to the specific needs of Maskatel.

I would recommend Manuel Huger's services to any team that needs the talents of a fine business strategist who recognizes the unique traits of different personalities."

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Canada

Davide Conti,

HR Director


"Effisens Conseil Inc has proven to be a professional and efficient partner for our organization. Effisens Conseil Inc has built and facilitated a training plan for the company's executive committee to assist us in identifying the development needs as a group as well as from an individual point of view.

Their ability to connect and mesh with each of their interlocutors is surprising; they are able to grasp the characteristics of all individuals, developing strong plans and the right strategy to develop and improve.

Their approach is very professional and competent, and is accompanied by an absolutely pleasant and collaborative relationship.

Our company’s experience with Effisens Conseil Inc has definitely been satisfactory and has met the needs identified."


Level of - Cogeco Metromedia

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